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Why Canada?

10. Safety. Crime rate in Canada is one of the lowest in the world. Each level of government puts in serious effort to ensure a high level of safety and security, as do all Canadian communities.

11. A second “homeland”. Due to the current global demographic and economic changes, it is worthwhile to secure at least two places for living. One of them is ensured by our place of birth. The best choice for the second place is Canada.


So – why? Why Canada, and not some country within the European Union, or Australia, New Zealand or USA. Those countries have favorable conditions for settling too. That’s true, but it is also very clear that NONE of them provide as many advantages as Canada does: natural environment, economy, internal and international politics, endorsement of multiculturalism, career opportunities, safety and security, etc.

People who grew up within traditional socio-political structures, and those who are familiar with the Western democratic system, may think that there isn’t much difference in the standard of living in highly developed countries. However, a deeper look proves that there is no other country as amazing as Canada. It is enough to take a quick look at various aspects of Canada’s social structure: political elections, Canadian governors, leaders of political groups, government administration, Canadian (not ethnic) social organizations, churches, schools, businesses, etc., and compare it all to other countries, in order to understand what is really meant by equality under the law as opposed to mere tolerance.

The land of the maple leaf is the only country in the world that guarantees this equality (not just tolerance!) by having implemented the two most important documents in the year 1982: Canadian Constitution, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Thanks to those documents, ethnic groups are allowed to develop, and to set up their own language schools (Saturday schools), organizations, teams, etc. That is how the country has become this wonderful and extremely interesting, multicultural mosaic.

Within Canada’s socio-political system and its cultivated traditions, one nation is created on the

basis of developing friendships between people of various backgrounds. The elimination of internal and external threats thus strengthens the security of the country. At the same time, the individuals of the multicultural Canadian nation establish contact with the whole world.

One can say that today’s residents of Canada serve as wonderful two-way ambassadors, which has great influence on all types of exchange of experience and ideas, as well as the development of businesses. The multi-nationality of Canada functions superbly through the simultaneous unity and individuality of its nation.

Canada is a wonderful place for entrepreneurial, active people with lots of initiative, and at the same time it provides the opportunity for material comfort and security for all individuals who are not very active, who mainly value peacefulness, relaxation, social contacts, and who enjoy the benefits of cultural life, tourism and recreation. In Canada, the possibility of a professional, social, entrepreneurial or political career is primarily up to the individual person and his or her initiative, creativity and tenacity. There is a multi-national mosaic in all professions and at all levels of the social hierarchy in Canada. Tomorrow, the greatest honours can be achieved by someone who has just arrived here yesterday or even today. He or she can become the owner of a prosperous business, the manager of a hospital or a factory, a tenured professor, a politician, etc.

In Canada, all people, regardless of their age, education, political and religious orientation are able to acclimatize themselves easily.

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