Immigration and Employment Services

Why Canada?

A Short Analysis

1. Canada is a multi-cultural country, and operates on the foundation of its two most important documents – The Constitution and The Charter of Rights and Freedoms – which ENSURE EQUAL RIGHTS for all permanent residents. This rightful declaration is FULLY UTILIZED IN PRACTICE, as opposed to the statements that are only made on paper in many countries with old historical roots.

2. It is currently the best country for living, in terms of economic, social, geographic and political conditions. Canada has an amazing natural environment (much superior to other countries), a prosperous economic development based on wealthy natural resources, excellent education and research facilities, outstanding health and social services, as well as global recognition and prestige.

3. Outstanding economic development. Canada’s economy has recorded fantastic development for many years, which translates into a high standard of living. Canada belongs to the top seven wealthiest, best developed countries in the world. Personal affluence of its inhabitants continues to grow continuously.

4. Cost of living. It is relatively lower (in relation to income), even considerably lower when compared to other highly developed countries, such as the countries of the “old” European Union, as well as new European Union countries, ie. Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary. For example, the price of gasoline in Toronto was around $1.05 CAD per liter in the years 2006-2007. A few years earlier it was below 90 cents, and even below 80 cents. For the same price as buying a single unit townhouse in Europe, you can buy a single detached home on a nice piece of land in the Greater Toronto Area. Groceries and clothing are also less expensive. The cost of renting a 2-bedroom apartment (3 rooms, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom) is around $750-850 CAD. Only alcohol seems to be relatively more expensive. The average annual income is over $40,000, while incomes in the range of 50 – 70 thousand are not at all rare.

5. A country that’s open to immigrants. It has been that way since the founding days of Canada. For many years, the Canadian government has been granting permanent resident status to 240-265 thousand applicants per year. Furthermore, every year over 100 thousand foreigners find legal “contract” work in Canada, without counting the large number of workers without documentation. Canada’s economy will continue to thrive for many years to come, and the country will continue to need new permanent residents.

6. Immigrants are ambassadors for their countries and for Canada. Canadian multi-cultural residents are not an ethnic minority, but an integral part of the Canadian nation. At the same time, they are excellent ambassadors for their countries of origin, as well as ambassadors for Canada back in their mother countries. They can serve as valuable representatives for other nations, as well as for international businesses and associations.

7. Business development. Canada encourages the founding and development of various businesses. A person can set up and run his or her own business without difficulty, which a lot of immigrants take advantage of.

8. Education. Canada is one of the world leaders in terms of education. Elementary and secondary schools are free (except for private schools). Post-secondary schools have tuition fees, but there are good scholarship and bursary systems in place, as well as well-established low interest rate student loan programs. Canadian education institutions are well recognized in the world.

9. Health and social services. Canada has one of the best health and social plans in the world. Its health services program is free, non-privatized, and highly developed, while Canada’s social services include welfare and subsidized housing sponsored by the government.

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