Immigration and Employment Services

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Professional Preparation for an Interview Translation of All Documents

In matters of immigration, as well as contract work or education, you can expect (in most cases) an interview with an immigration agent, employer, or school representative. Our agency prepares clients for such interviews, suggesting or teaching them the right approach and ability to carry on a conversation. By utilizing our vast experience and many practical examples, we teach to have the right attitude for specific interviews.

When you begin to utilize the help of our firm, you will receive a list of all necessary documents specific to your selected path. They have to be in the English or French language. If you do not have translations, you can obtain them through our firm. Here too, you can trust our experience, expertise, and reliability.

Representation in Canadian Courts of Law and Other Agencies

We represent our clients not only at Canadian immigration offices and employment agencies by preparing and handling their applications, but also – if it is necessary – in various immigration tribunals, in securing the release of people from custody, etc. All such matters are not only difficult, but can be very expensive, and can end in a fiasco if not handled properly.

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