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Job Search and Contracts for Foreigners

One of the best ways to obtain permanent residence in Canada is through work. One could say that employment is the key to the doors of Canada. Our firm has vast experience in finding suitable employers and securing contracts. In representing our clients, we make sure that all procedures are handled properly and that our clients are satisfied with the outcome. We strive to find the best employment and best income in accordance with the Canadian standards in each particular profession. We also provide help in instances where an individual needs to change his or her employment situation.

We provide our clients with assistance in sponsoring their family members and helping them through the complicated process of securing their stay (work, school, insurance, etc.)
We intervene in situations where a contractual agreement is broken by the employer and we provide help in the possible change of employment. We provide proposals and handle cases connected with the permanent stay of “contract” workers, as well as the Provincial Nominee programs. We also utilize the internet to represent workers and ensure the best results.

Professional CVs Finding Suitable Education Programs

Around 60% of new permanent residents obtain that status through the economic approach. The best key to Canada’s door is employment. Individuals who are able to find an employer in need of a specific worker and who is ready to hire, are able to go through the required procedures much easier.
By utilizing our knowledge and experience, we prepare a PROFESSIONAL Curriculum Vitae, which is very useful when searching for employers and suitable work opportunities, and hence, a good income. This type of help is particularly essential when trying to obtain residence through work.
Our employment specialists have proven the importance of a good CV when searching for a job. Their many years of practice in helping to prepare a Curriculum Vitae, along with the proper representation of the required attributes of the individual and the best way of contacting the employer, bring excellent results.

One of the ways which constitutes an important phase in securing permanent stay is through a study program. Thousands of people, especially young adults, use this option, as they are not yet able to provide an employment resume and professional experience. As education programs in Canada are twice as expensive for foreigners as they are for Canadian citizens, we provide advice and help in finding the best solution. Having acquired much experience and a successful track record in that area, we can guide each of our clients on this path all the way to obtaining citizenship.

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