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When it comes to immigration, gaining dependable knowledge determines your success. Although a lot of information can be found on-line, it is important to remember that the internet only offers general information, which does not apply to an INDIVIDUAL person and his or her special circumstances. Just as there are no two people exactly alike, there are no two cases that are exactly the same. That’s why it is worthwhile to take advantage of reliable CONSULTATION.

Our firm offers a thorough consultation, devoting as much time as the client requires. Based on that conversation, we are able to determine if and how we will direct the case to ensure success. Every case is analyzed and evaluated INDIVIDUALLY, and we always make an assessment of the situation based on FACTS and POSSIBILITIES, as opposed to wishes and speculations.

From our many years of experience, we know that aside from very few, specific instances, everyone has the chance for permanent stay in Canada, and he or she can reach that goal, as long as they choose a well-guided path. We always choose and recommend the BEST option. We usually secure it with a second option, so that we have a plan A and a plan B. Our team’s experience in people skills, combined with an in-depth knowledge of life in different countries and the determination to obtain residence in Canada, allow us to treat every case in a reliable and professional manner. We always operate under the slogan:


All Visas

A visa is nothing more than a permission granted by the Canadian government to enter and stay in this country. It is important to remember that every country decides on specific conditions when consenting to such a privilege. That is why various past experiences from traveling and staying abroad are of little help and can in fact be a hindrance.

Every individual has the right to apply for a specific visa on his or her own accord, or with the help of an agency that specializes in immigration issues. Although the process seems straightforward, we know from experience that dozens of people make mistakes, which lead to a refusal of their application. Such an outcome is recorded in the individual person’s file, and usually has a significant influence on future attempts to enter the country.

Which visa should you apply for?

- Permanent Residence Status, which precedes the granting of citizenship;

- Work Permit, related to contract work;

- Student Permit, allowing the individual to study in Canada;

- Visitor’s Visa.

Contact our office to make the right choice and get the process started.

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