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Be Cautious of...

Frauds and Incompetent Consultants

When applying for permanent resident status in Canada it is essential to beware of all kinds of charlatans who, counting on the inexperience and naiveté of immigrants, as well as their tendencies to look for “short-cuts” and doing things “under the table”, offer their services for a considerable amount of money. Most often those cases quickly meet with failure.

It is also important to be aware of the fact that some certified immigration consultants form a dangerous group when it comes to the issue of fraud. They are those who proclaim, often aggressively, their superior and exclusive role in the process of immigration. The reason is often their wish to monopolize the field of immigration counseling and to direct a specific way of conveying information and shaping opinions. They tend to set correspondingly high prices, which are unmerited for the services rendered.

All shams, con artists, and professionals who bump up their fees, are familiar with the legally allowable extent of their activities, and are aware of immigrants’ determination. As they begin the process, they obtain all information about their client (victim?), and then they create a situation of anxiety where the applicant worries about being reported to the immigration police. In such situations, it is easy to demand further

“payments” to manage the “complicated” case. The risk of a failing outcome of the whole process, just like in any other endeavor, must be considered at the very beginning, which the client is made aware of. This consideration limits his or her will to dispute the inappropriateness of the advisor’s actions.

Although applicants who are trying to obtain permanent residence have the right to make legal claims against a consultant / lawyer, very few make use of that possibility. When the process is begun within Canada’s territory, some of them choose to risk staying here illegally and work “under the table”, while waiting and hoping for some gesture of amnesty by the Canadian government or a change in the regulations of immigration law.

Although it happens rarely, a different type of fraud is sometimes committed by immigration advisors; namely denunciations which are meant to create panic amongst “illegal aliens”. Such an alarm is meant to assist them in making a decision to begin the application process, which is, of course, to be managed by the particular specialist. The worst type of scenario is one where a dishonest consultant reports an illegal immigrant to immigration police in order to get rid of a difficult client and the mistakes that have been made in managing his case.

Dishonesty Shortcuts

Some people who are trying to obtain one of the Canadian immigration visas use lies to camouflage whatever they believe to be an unfavorable characteristic, and wish to present it in a better light. In some cases people hide certain facts and information, or provide inaccurate data about their marital status, family circumstances (ie. whether they have children), state of health, etc. IT IS CRUCIAL TO REMEMBER that all information presented to the immigration office is recorded in the applicant’s file. The discovery of a lie has usually very upsetting consequences, which can’t be even alleviated by an acquired citizenship, as that can simply be taken away. Before taking such an erroneous step, it is wise to seriously consider if it is worth the risk. It is best to ask for advice from a reputable consultation firm.

We know from experience that “shortcuts” often prolong the journey. It is the same with immigration. In addition, shortcuts usually raise the costs. They can also be the main reason why the visa application was denied. For example: Coming to Canada on a tourist visa (because it’s easier to obtain!?), plus an illegal extension of the visit, plus working “under the table”, can result in a severe obstacle when trying to obtain permanent resident status. Using a “shortcut” by attempting to take advantage of the program for refugees can also prove to be a long and arduous journey.

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