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Esteem is founded on many years of wide-ranging experience in all areas of immigration, and all associated issues, such as settlement, employment, education, acknowledgement of diplomas and certificates, etc. Our whole team gained valuable experience through work and co-operation with several Canadian law firms.

From our frequent travels to many foreign countries, we have acquired insightful knowledge about the living circumstances that are influential on people’s decision to immigrate. We understand the need to find a place that is safe, friendly and worthy of settlement; a place which you can call your second homeland.

We all are immigrants who have settled in Canada at different times of our lives, and during different economic-political changes taking place in the world. As immigrants, we feel the multi-cultural nature of Canada, and we understand why people wish to grow their roots here, or at least find a safe harbor to stay in. We also know what must be done in order to obtain the desired result.

Our team includes immigration law specialists, employment specialists, translators, and individuals

with journalistic experience. By having constant access to the latest news regarding immigration, we can provide a wide spectrum of services, and supply clients with reliable information. We are dedicated to providing our clients with VERY EFFECTIVE assistance.

All our co-workers are highly educated and competent individuals. Aside from their outstanding professional experience, they are well skilled in the area of client care and teamwork which positively affects the process of every case.

You can count on our valuable counsel and dependable services, as our team strives for your satisfaction and success.

We are fully licensed to represent our clients in the court of law and in other Canadian organizations.

The executive function of our firm is fulfilled by Mr. Marek Szajna, BA, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, license no. R419991, sworn into the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (

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