Immigration and Employment Services

Immigration Programs and Categories

The following is the model of the immigration classification system and programs:

Economic Immigrants
• Skilled Workers
• Provincial/Territorial Nominees
• Business Immigrants
• Live-in Caregivers
• Workers/Students with Canadian Experience

Family Class
• Spouses and Partners
• Parents and Grandparents
• Others including Children

• Government-assisted Refugees
• Privately Sponsored Refugees
• Refugees Landed in Canada
• Refugee Dependants

Other Immigrants
• Retirees
• Temporary Resident Permit Holders
• Humanitarian and Compassionate Cases

It is important to remember that every foreigner can apply to qualify for the above mentioned groups (for one of the programs), which of course does not mean that every application will be approved for further examination and that every applicant will qualify to obtain permanent resident status. Every

application will be accepted by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration as long as it is in accordance with the IRPA regulations, or if humanitarian and compassionate grounds are found during the review process.

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