Immigration and Employment Services


In order to find a good job in today’s market, it is no longer enough to be an expert in a given field. One must be able to “sell” him/herself, to present, to advertise, and to promote. It is also crucial that the applicant is presented to the right person in the company, and for best results, it’s best to be presented to several people in different companies at the same time.

Drawing on our familiarity with the procedures involved in searching for work in Canada, combined with our vast experience in creating a successful CV, we offer the following assistance and support:

1. We prepare the applicant’s CV in accordance with Canadian standards, taking into account employers’ requirements and expectations, as well as appropriate character representation of the applicant.

2. We are able to simultaneously present our applicants to several employers, and to conduct all necessary discussions and negotiations for best employment conditions and wages in his or her name.

3. We take care of all formalities associated with employment; starting with the employer, followed by Human Resources & Skills Development Canada, and ending with Citizenship & Immigration Canada.

4. We counsel our applicants in preparation for an interview with an employer, and if possible, we take part in that meeting personally or by teleconference.

5. We extend contracts and work visas.

6. If it becomes necessary to change employment, we assist in searching for a new employer and take care of all related formalities.

Through our experience and dedication we achieve fantastic results in finding satisfying employment for our applicants.

We also offer a new method of representing our applicants by using DVDs and the Internet. Many of our clients have already made use of these innovations

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