Immigration and Employment Services

Specialist Assistance

Why Use the Assistance of Our Firm?

1. We specialize, almost exclusively, in immigration matters, and in finding jobs for foreigners, which are two issues that often go hand in hand.

2. As experts, we know and understand all procedures and mandatory practices that are employed in immigration matters, and we are able to use them skillfully, according to the needs of our clients.

3. We make accurate evaluations of our clients’ situations and select the best possible procedure. We work with each client on an individual basis, gaining a deep knowledge of their case. We devise an individual strategy and course of action for every person, and then work the plan together.

4. We make sure that everything is well prepared (appropriate, complete documentation and translations), and is delivered on time to the appropriate desk at the immigration bureau, consulate, or employers’ offices. Then we keep track of the proceedings of every case, by monitoring and intervening if necessary.

5. We keep a correspondence with immigration officers and employers.

6. We help prepare an effective CV, send it out to potential employers, and we help our clients get ready for an interview. We have a very good track record in finding jobs for our clients.

7. We maintain an “employer depot”, continually securing various new job placements for our clients.

8. We help to prepare an “on-line presentation”, activate it, and send it out to dozens of potential employers, or pass it on to specific employers who contact our office.

9. We represent clients at immigration hearings and appeals in the Canadian court of law and other government agencies. When necessary, we secure additional help from experienced immigration lawyers.

10. For the benefit of our clients, we appeal negative decisions.

11. We look for solutions and necessary procedures regarding criminal records.

12. We secure the release from custody.

13. We provide our clients with assistance in making their first steps in Canada.

Thanks to our expert assistance, our clients are able to undergo all procedures properly and efficiently, succeeding in their efforts, without wasting any time and money unnecessarily.

Take advantage of our service and be well prepared for every STEP on your way to Canada.

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