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Specialist Assistance

Why Employ the Assistance of Specialists?

Just like in many other endeavors and projects, it is not a requirement to seek professional assistance in immigration matters, such as applying for a visa or citizenship. It is a similar case as in many other areas of life. Nobody is obligated to use the services of a car mechanic or any other specialist. You can even take care of your own health without the help of a physician. However, it is important to consider two very important things, when making this significant decision:

1. The risk and side-effects of self-reliability, which are usually very difficult to fix;

2. That time and energy can be spent more efficiently, on matters that are pertinent to one’s profession and work experience, which is essential in the whole immigration process.

Legal regulations distinguish between two groups of people who are certified to represent immigrants. They are characterized as following:

a. Authorized to receive compensation for services rendered,
b. Not authorized to receive compensation for services.

It is imperative to remember that:

• Every immigration case is different, and none of them are simple, because ultimately, the final decision

is not made by the client, or his advisor, but by the immigration officer. That is why everything must be VERY WELL PREPARED, and have the proper representational support.

• People have a tendency to evaluate situations subjectively and to focus their attention on what is important according to them. Only good immigration counselors will focus their attention and effort on the entire case, suitably selecting and exhibiting the most important components.

• People generally tend to miss or disregard items that, according to them, are “minor”. A good counselor knows that even a small mistake can ruin the whole case, even the simplest one. A non-professional is unable to make an accurate evaluation, to know what’s most important in a given case, and what isn’t, what will strengthen it, and what could be harmful.

• In every area of life, only professionals are qualified individuals who can devise the right strategy and plan of action.

• Immigration cases should not be analyzed in a fragmented manner, but they must be regarded as an entirety, and within the proper legal framework. That kind of viewpoint and evaluation can only be made by a person who has professional experience in that area.

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